donderdag 17 september 2015

Before & After: Black kitchen

    It is time to introduce a new item: Before & After.

    This time it is about a kitchen in a renovated house, I will begin with the After photo's
    and at the bottom the Before photo's.
    The owners wanted a black kitchen, well it looks stunning, because they have a lot
    of windows and the rest of the surfaces are also light.

     The built-in cabinet is so much better than a single cabinet, with all the devices you

     This backsplash is 'DIY': she bought plywood in the exact size, stained it 3 times with
     the right color, than coated it with a top oil to make it water-repellent. The wooden
     pattern from the pine wood flooring repeats beautifully in the backsplash and the brass
     kitchen faucet pops out great.

     The combination with the pine wood floor is perfect, it gives just the warmth it

     Well and this is how it was... hard to believe...


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